Best Battery Backup in the Business

All controllable* Tunze pumps can be configured with a battery backup. This requires the Safety Connector 6105.5. The Safety Connector is a fuse-protected automatic switching unit. It senses when mains power is lost and switches immediately to the battery.

So what makes this the best? In a word, flexibility. Users can use just about any 12V source they’d like, from car and boat batteries, to alarm system or motorcycle batteries… even solar cells can be used. You can also use the 6V lantern batteries (doubled up) which are very easy to find.





*The safety connector can be used with any controllable Tunze pump or Wavebox. This includes: 6055, 6095, 6105, 6155, 6255, 1073.05, 5005, 6508, 6208 Comline Wavebox or 6215 Wavebox.

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